Girl’s father returns home early from Kuwait, surprises her at school

SOUTH CAROLINA– Moments like these always bring tears to people’s eyes.

A dad in South Carolina arrived home early from Kuwait and surprised his daughter at her high school.

According to ABC News, the teen, Solymar Solis, didn’t know that her teacher had seated her dad, Sgt. Carlos Solis Melendez, in the front row of the classroom.

As she walked to the front of the room, she spotted her dad and started crying; then, the two hugged as Sgt. Melendez handed her flowers and balloons.

“I’m a single parent so while I was deployed, I got my sister to live with my daughter. When I was coming back and talking to my sister, we came to the conclusion that we should do something special for my daughter. We got in touch with the school, and they planned this whole being-in-the-classroom thing, and it turned out perfect,” Melendez told ABC News.