‘Delivered:’ Cleveland man honors LeBron James, Cavs title with art

CLEVELAND– A Cleveland man is combining his artistic talent with his love of this city.

Van Monroe calls it “Delivered.”

The painting shows LeBron James holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy and wearing an NBA Champs hat.

In the trophy’s reflection, James sees images of Craig Ehlo, Earnest Byner and Jose Mesa, representing past Cleveland sports heartbreaks: “The Shot,” “The Fumble” and “The Blown Save.” The Cleveland skyline is also reflecting back at the King.

“When we won Game 7, I was inspired by the raw emotion that moment brought to all of us who love Cleveland sports. So I began to conceptualize a piece that would not only depict that night, but also tell the story of our past heartaches,” Monroe said.

It took him about seven weeks to complete the piece. It’s a digital painting created on a Wacom tablet.

“It was extremely important to me to get this right,” Monroe said.

The Euclid High School graduate said he’s been interested in art since he was 2 years old. He started by drawing airplanes on the walls and tables of his house. Monroe credited his mom with fostering his gift, instead of punishing him.

You can see more of Van Monroe’s sports-related art on his website.

(Used with permission of Van Monroe)

(Used with permission of Van Monroe)

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