‘Am I adopting you?’: Man gets amazing birthday gift from stepdaughter

PORT RICHEY, Florida — It’s the kind of gift that money just can’t buy.

A woman in Florida gave her stepfather adoption papers for his 53rd birthday, ABC News reported.

At first David Lynde made jokes.

“I got a pen,” he shouted excitedly.

But the jokes stopped when he pulled a stack of papers from a gift bag.

“Adult adoption?” he questioned.

“Do you know what that is?” his stepdaughter, Gabby Guardado, 22, asked him.

“Am I adopting you?” the man replied as he fought back tears.

“I want you to,” Guardado replied. “You don’t have to. You can say no. But I want you to adopt me.”

“You’ve been my dad and I know legal papers don’t change anything, but I appreciate…,” the woman said as her stepdad embraced her and started sobbing.

“I’m sorry. I don’t cry much,” Lynde said as he began processing the magnitude of the moment.

“You have no idea what that means to me,” he told his stepdaughter as the video came to an end.

ABC News reported that Guardado had wanted Lynde to adopt her for years. But her birth father — who left when she was 8-years-old — wouldn’t allow it.

Even though Guardado is over the age of 18, Florida law allows for adult adoption.

The adoption is expected to be signed and become official today.