Sandusky police searching for suspect who robbed local priest

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SANDUSKY - Sandusky police are looking for man who robbed a priest at gunpoint Thursday night at Saint Faustina Monastery.

"I thought he was a homeless man at first," said Father Thomas Taylor.

The father had just returned from a walk with his dog Vicar. He says the man must have entered the building through a door he propped earlier.

"Vicar wouldn't stop barking," said Father Thomas. "He kicked him. That's when I knew this man had no respect for life. Then he pulled out a gun pushed me against the table and ordered me in the back."

Sandusky police say the man demanding money and stole a laptop, phone and credit card.

"I thought there may be a chance I could get killed," said Father Thomas.

This wasn't the fist time. Several years ago in Egypt, Father Thomas says he was kidnapped while remolding an English Center.

"They tried to hang me on a very low beam with a cable used for construction, not a rope," said Thomas. "They were pulling me up and down like a yo-yo."

Beaten and bruised after several hours he was freed. He still doesn't know who attacked him or why.

Father Thomas says the armed robbery in Sandusky reminds him of the importance of his work and how many people need to hear the message of faith and love.

"Our Lady of Fatima was watching over us."

Call Sandusky Police at 419-627-5870 help solve this crime.