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Crazy coincidence: Indians road trip results are very similar to Cavs playoff results

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TORONTO – The Indians had a great month of June, they didn’t lose any games at home and they went on a 14-game winning streak to finish out the month.

But before they left for their 10-game road trip, the Cavs made a joke about their schedule looking a lot like the Cavs playoff schedule.

During the Cavs playoff run, they swept the Detroit Pistons, swept the Atlanta Hawks and then took Games 1 and 2 from the Toronto Raptors, but lost Games 3 and 4. After winning the series over Toronto, they went to the NBA Finals where they beat the Golden State Warriors to win an NBA Title. 

The Indians swept the Detroit Tigers, swept the Atlanta Braves and then took the first two games from the Toronto Blue Jays, but lost the third and fourth game.

Strange luck isn’t it?

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