Parent says some Sandusky students will not walk at graduation after stinky senior prank

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SANDUSKY, Ohio-- Some students at Sandusky High School will not get to walk with their classmates at graduation because of a senior prank.

After finals, the students went back inside the school and set off stink bombs. They thought it was funny, but the administration didn't see the humor.

So those involved have not been allowed to attend practices for graduation and they won't be allowed in the audience to watch their friends graduate on Sunday.

Parents say they're okay with some penalty, but they argue that part of it goes too far.

"I think the punishment is way too harsh. They're not letting em walk for graduation instead of like.. they asked for 'can we do community service? Can we clean the school?  Can we come to the school with the underclassmen the rest of the year? Emails, apologizing, went to superintendent," said Shyra Clark, parent.

Dan Poggiali with Sandusky Schools released the following statement on Friday:

"There was an incident involving a group of senior students… After the seniors were dismissed from their finals (underclassman still had to stay for their finals) a group of seniors came back into the building and placed stink bombs in several locations throughout the school. The smell caused a disturbance in the school for the students and staff still inside. One staff member had an asthmatic attack during the incident. Administrators gave the appropriate consequence to the seniors involved."