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East Cleveland City Council looking for merger commissioners

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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio-- East Cleveland City Council said it is looking for candidates for appointment of three merger commissioners to represent the City of East Cleveland.

Last month, East Cleveland city council members began taking steps to consider consolidating East Cleveland and Cleveland as a way to help residents of the struggling city. Those steps included meeting to explore creating a commission and figuring out what their qualifications should be. They said it would be made up of people from both East Cleveland and Cleveland to work out details of a possible merger between the two cities.

A release sent out on Friday lists the following qualifications:

  • Registered Voter in Ohio
  • US Citizen
  • Higher Education in any of the following areas: Business Education, Organizational Change, Urban Development, Political Science, Financial Planning, Legal, or Strategic Planning
  • Three years or more professional work experience in any of the following areas: Real Estate, Urban Planning, Finance, and/or Government
  • Executive level experience

They're looking for strategic thinkers and decision-makers who are knowledgeable about the present state of East Cleveland, and who have the ability to negotiate.

Resumes must be submitted to the council office or council members by June 13 at 2 p.m.

Last summer, East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton Jr. submitted petitions to the Cuyahoga County elections board, supporting a merger with Cleveland.

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