Authorities in Trumbull County no longer assisting with security during RNC

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CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Another law enforcement agency won’t be coming to Cleveland to assist with security during the Republican National Convention.

In recent weeks a number of departments confirmed that they won’t be sending officers including Cincinnati, Houston, Chicago, Boston and Baltimore; to name a few.

The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office was sending support but has now withdrawn the mounted unit and marine patrol.

Friday, Sheriff Thomas Altiere told Fox 8 News I-Team reporter Peggy Gallek, "Prosecutor reviewed the contract and determined deputies should not take part in the RNC security because the contract puts it all on us."

Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association President Steve Loomis called the situation “unprecedented” and said to the best of his knowledge this has never happened at any RNC or DNC. He told Fox 8’s Suzanne Stratford that “liability concerns” are a big issue with this convention.

More than 100,000 protestors from across the country could converge in Cleveland for the RNC July 18-21, and some have already demonstrated a propensity for violence.

Anti-Trump protestors became rowdy and assaulted Trump supporters at recent events in San Jose and Albuquerque.

Cleveland leaders say that type of lawlessness won’t be tolerated.

At a press conference Tuesday Deputy Chief Ed Tomba said, “Anybody who wants to come in a lawful manner and let their voice be heard is welcome, but anybody that goes sideways and is not following the law... there’s gonna be consequences.”

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams also said that having cities jump in or out of a large event like the RNC is normal.

He says, thousands of law enforcement officers and agents from every level will be here and that the city will be safe and secure.

“We are prepared,” said Chief Williams, “We are ready.”

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