Local teen wins $50,000 from McDonald’s Monopoly game

Jayland Moore. Courtesy Stern Advertising.

Jayland Moore. Courtesy Stern Advertising.

RICHMOND HEIGHTS – Jayland Moore, a teen from Richmond Heights, is now $50,000 richer!

Moore stopped by his local McDonald’s everyday before work to grab a hash brown during the McDonald’s Monopoly Sweepstakes.

“I’ve played Monopoly over the past couple years but this is the first time I became really serious about it,” said Moore. “I collected over 60 game pieces this year.”

Moore was working when he found out he won the money. “I couldn’t believe that I had won. All I could think was that I am extremely blessed. I actually almost cried.”

After graduating from Richmond Heights High School this year, Moore enlisted in the National Guard and is headed to Bowling Green State University this fall.

He said he plans to study Architectural Engineering and save the money so he has a solid foundation after he graduates college.