Black bear spotted in Stark County

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MARLBORO, OH – There’s been another black bear sighting in northeast Ohio.

Marlboro police say that a black bear was spotted Friday night on Reeder Avenue. The Marlboro Police Chief tells Fox 8 that when the sighting was called in, the residents who saw the bear said that it had actually been “playing” with their dog. (Police do not recommend, however, that anyone let their dogs actually play with any wild animal.)

The police cannot confirm that this is the same black bear that has recently been spotted in Akron/North Canton/Jackson Township, but Marlboro is in the same general area as the other sightings.

The Akron black bear has been spotted quite often in recent weeks and has even joined Twitter, using the Twitter name @AkronBear.

In a Facebook post, police want to remind everyone not to panic if they see a bear.

You can also click here for more information on Ohio black bears from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.