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Adorable: newborn baby weighs in on Cavs’ chances for an NBA championship

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CLEVELAND - The Cavs are getting ready for game three of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday, May 21. But they don't need to worry about the outcome of their quest for an NBA championship. Two-week-old Niven Groover knows what's going to happen.

He made his prediction to  his dad, Elliott, during a midnight feeding after the last Cavs' victory over Toronto. (Dad says Niven sat up and watched the whole game with him.)

Some background here. As you can hear in the video, Elliott tells his son that he lives in a Laker's household. (But Fox 8 has it on good authority that mom Briana Simpson is a huge LeBron and Cavs fan.) He asks Niven if he likes the Cavs and gets an answer. Same thing with a question about LeBron.

And then the money question: will the Cavs win it all?

See how Niven breaks the news to dad.

And congrats to Mom, Dad and baby Niven. We foresee some exciting sports debates in your household in the years to come.

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