Save time in the kitchen with these gadgets!

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We'd all like to save a little time and money in the kitchen! Here with a few simple updates was Rick Davis from Today's Kitchen store in Wooster.

Here are some of Rick's favorite products:

  • Pressure Cooker (saves time and energy use)
  • Immersion Blender with attachments (saves time and more functional than hand mixer)
  • Beater Blade for stand mixer (eliminates time and frustration)
  • Garlic Twist (time saver for quick mincing and cleaning after)
  • Dutch Oven (efficient with multiple uses: stove top, oven, table top for soups, stews, and bread)
  • Box Grater (saves money: 4 different graters in one for vegetables, cheese, chocolate)
  • Half Sheet Pan (saves money with multiple uses: baking cookies, roasting vegetables, toasting bread)
  • Food Mill (efficient separation of fruits & vegetables from seeds & skins)