Dentist responds to accusation that he removed man’s teeth without his knowledge

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COLUMBUS, Indiana – An Indiana dentist has responded to an accusation that he removed a local man’s teeth without the man knowing about the procedure.

Donny Grisby said that he went into the procedure believing he was only having 4 teeth removed.

Doctor Aaron Strickland told Fox 59 that the situation was actually very different.

Strickland said he started the procedure by reviewing Grisby’s medical records, finding that all but one of his teeth were badly decayed and he had a gum infection.

Strickland said he told Grisby and his wife that there were two options; a series of root canals over several visits, or a full extraction followed by fitting for dentures. Strickland said Grisby’s wife encouraged the second option and they signed the consent forms.

While under local anesthesia, Strickland said Grisby’s oxygen saturation dropped so he had a nurse call 911.

Strickland said Grisby also lied on his medical form and did not tell the nurse he was on blood thinners.

He said he would not have operated had he known about the blood thinners.

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