Mother demanding answers after report surfaces accusing teacher of taping child’s mouth shut

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SEVEN HILLS, Ohio-- A local mother is demanding answers after a report surfaced alleging that a teacher duct-taped the mouth of a student with special needs and raised a hand to another student, also with special needs.

"It just makes me wonder what else is going on in that classroom? What else has gone on that I'm not aware of?" said Maria Bohuslawsky, of Seven Hills.

Bohuslawsk is a PTA mom of three boys in the Parma City School District.

"Being on the PTA, we know people who know people. Paperwork filters through and is seen by various people. I just happened to have one person who was looking out for me and knew about Ricky and his issues and said, 'Your kid's name is in document. Are you not aware of it?'" said Bohuslawsky.

Bohuslawsky's 10-year-old son Ricky is in the classroom for students with special needs at Ridge-Brook Elementary.

"I was told that this report was filed and that these two children's names are in it and that their teacher had admitted to duct-taping a child's mouth shut. There were other accusations that she did not admit to. But one of them was raising a hand to my child and saying, 'which is going to hurt worse?'" said Bohuslawsky.

Bohuslawsky says she wrote a letter to the school board, called the district, and even tried to visit the superintendent.

She says he was unavailable.

"They claim they did a full-on investigation and they did not find it to be malicious so that she could still have her job. And now my child is fearful of going to school. I had wondered what was the matter with him. Now, I know. He's afraid of her," said Bohuslawsky.

Parma City Schools released a statement Wednesday saying:

"The district is currently reviewing the results of the investigation. We certainly understand the parent's concerns and we have been in contact with them to address those needs. However, there are federal laws that protect student confidentiality and also what we can say about personnel. The classroom teacher involved in this particular situation has submitted a letter of resignation effective at the end of this school year, and the Board accepted that resignation."

Meantime, Ridge-Brook Elementary School sent kids in Ricky's class home with a letter stating that the teacher in question will no longer be their teacher, but will still work in the district for the time being.