Caught on video: Police seaching for shooters who open fired on Canton home

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CANTON, Ohio - Crystal Hodge says she was huddled in the living room of her family's Canton home in the early morning hours Monday when she heard a noise outside.

"We heard a boom, it was raining. I thought maybe the screen door flapped open, I thought maybe a piece of aluminum siding fell off the house," said Hodge.

Minutes later they hear the noise again and after a short time a car slowed in front of their home.

"I yelled through the house for everyone to get on the ground."

Caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera is the image of a hooded person first walking into the street, raising their arm and firing shots toward the house.

When the car comes by, an arm comes out of the passenger side, over the hood of the car, and more shots are fired randomly in the direction of the same house.

Police later collected fourteen shell casings.

The bullets themselves shattered windows, ripped through the second story walls of bedrooms and damaged the family's SUV.

One of the bullets stayed lodged between panes of glass in the window of a bedroom where Hodge's 13-year-old daughter would ordinarily been sleeping.

Because she was not feeling well the daughter was downstairs with her mother at the time.

"It's scary. I wonder if the person might come back and do it again," said her daughter, who we agreed not to identify.

Hodge says they moved into the home 30 days ago. She just paid their second month's rent.

She says they don't yet have any friends or enemies in Canton.

Police theorize the intended target may have actually been someone else.

"At this point we have found no reason, no motive for anyone to attack them in this way. Possibly mistaken identity, possibly believing that somebody lived there that wasn't there at the time," said Canton Police Lieutenant Roger Crihfield.

"We don't deserve to live like this, you know,in fear. We are in prison in our home right now. My daughter doesn't want to go to school, doesn't want to take showers. I don't want to go upstairs. It's really traumatizing at this point," said Hodge.

Investigators hope the video will help someone identify the person firing the shots or their car.