I TEAM: exclusive video of search for lost child and new questions

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LORAIN, OH - The FOX 8 I TEAM has obtained exclusive video of a recent search for a missing toddler. And we’re asking new questions about what really happened.

The video comes from the Cleveland Police helicopter. A chopper crew took part in the frantic and desperate search last month to find 2-year-old Lana Lowther. Somehow she disappeared from her home in Lorain. A stranger spotted her about a mile away four hours later.

The video shows the police chopper crew using an infrared camera and a device that picks up heat sources. The helicopter helped search wooded areas and residential areas.

Meantime, the I TEAM just caught up with the toddler’s mom. She spoke to us through a doorway as Lana peeked out. Amanda Lowther said, “And I hope whoever did take her is found so that we can get some answers because we are still very confused about what happened.”

The mother pointed out new alarms and locks on the doors, and she added the family is convinced Lana was taken. Amanda Lowther said, “My daughter, she saw somebody take her. She said when she saw the man have her, he was about four houses down.”

An alert citizen spotted the child in some snow, and Lorain Police said she may have been dropped off there shortly before she was found.

Lorain Police tell the I TEAM the case is still being “actively investigated.”  And police are also looking for any ties to a series of recent reports about attempted child abductions in the area.

Lana’s mom is grateful for the search and happy ending even with the unsolved mystery. She said, “I’m glad that she’s here and that we can finally start to heal and go back to normal.”

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