Daycare worker admits to beating toddler in her care

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CLEVELAND – A daycare worker admitted to a judge Monday that she beat a 2-year-old boy she was supposed to be watching. The woman, Melissa Tate, hit the toddler up to 22 times with a plastic back-scratcher and the incident was all caught on tape. Tate, 49, a former daycare worker at Cedar Early Learning Center in Cleveland, plead guilty to  a felony endangering children charge.

Moments after pleading guilty the judge order her handcuffed and taken to jail, where she will remain until she is sentenced. Judge Kathleen Sutula set sentencing for April 5. The toddler’s mother, Ryane Lamb, says she is pleased Tate is now behind bars. “I am glad she can no longer do this to any other child,” Lamb said.

Another daycare employee has also been arrested for witnessing the beating but doing nothing to stop it. 
She has plead not guilty and her case is still pending.