Hair tourniquet? Dad shares photo of baby’s swollen toe to warn parents of common hazard

WICHITA, Kansas — A Kansas father has a warning for all parents after finding something strange on his infant daughter’s foot.

He shared a photo on Facebook to warn other parents.

Scott Walker said his daughter, Molly, was cranky, screaming and began to overheat, so his wife took off her socks.

That’s when they saw a hair wrapped tightly around her toe. The photo was taken 45 minutes after the hair was removed with tweezers and a magnifying glass.

The medical term is called a hair tourniquet. It can cut through skin and cut off blood flow.

A doctor told them that parents should always check a baby’s toes because hairs can tangle around them inside socks.

Walker’s post has gotten over 22,000 shares so far.

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