Fit for a king: LeBron James’ first home in Northeast Ohio is for sale

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WADSWORTH, Ohio - LeBron James recently sold his Miami mansion for $13.4 million.

But one of his very first homes here in Ohio that's getting a lot of attention in recent days.

From 2005 to 2008, 1168 Kings Ridge Boulevard in Wadsworth was home to the great LeBron James.

And now, this stunning custom, two story, five-bedroom home, nestled on two acres can be yours, to the tune of $665,800.

Real estate listing agent Barbara Wilson says, "Not that everyone is going to be the right buyer for this home, but nationally he's known by everyone, that we felt it would be a bonus to the buyer."

The current owners, the Munyons, say other than the beauty of the home, the LeBron connection has definitely been a bonus.

"The excitement of LeBron and the NBA and his history here in the Akron area and the Cleveland area," said Carl Munyon.

The James family has been gone for 8 years now, but there are a few things they did leave behind. Six televisions, the Jacuzzi in the backyard and something very near and dear to his hear; a basketball hoop where neighbors often saw him practice.

Stickers from his high school alma mater are still visible.

Other signs of King James?

He and his wife's names are etched in concrete out front. And of all things, the mail Pamela Munyon has received.

“I've gotten cards from kids, letters from kids to him, those I make sure he gets. Um, I’ve gotten deliveries from Nike."

So if the high ceilings, gourmet kitchen and master suite haven't sold you just yet, just think about the famous former owner that will forever be attached to this prime property fit for a king.

"We would've purchased the home whether he lived here or not. We love the home."

The Munyons are relocating to Charleston, South Carolina and haven’t received any promising offers just yet.

As for LeBron, they’ve heard he was a great neighbor and very generous.