7-year-old racks up nearly $6,000 in charges playing Jurassic World iTunes game

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A 7-year-old nearly cost his father thousands of dollars by using his credit card on the Jurassic World game on their iPad.

According to the New York Daily News, Mohamed Shugaa had no idea his son downloaded the game or even knew their iTunes password.

He realized the charges when he had his card declined while shopping. He then saw more than 60 charges between December 13 and 18 totaling just over 5,700 dollars when he called his bank.

The boy used Dino Bucks to upgrade within the game, not realizing it was charging the credit card linked to the iTunes account.

Apple agreed to refund the money after Shugaa complained that no one from the company notified him about the charges during or after.

Apple said the refund would come within 10 days and has a statement on their website reminding parents about putting parental controls on their devices.

“All iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) have built-in parental controls that give parents and guardians the ability to restrict access to content,” the statement reads.