City gives update, discusses what’s next regarding Tamir Rice activities

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams will hold a press conference this afternoon to talk about this week's events regarding the Tamir Rice case.

**For details on what was said at the event, read the live blog at the bottom of this page**

It was announced Monday that a grand jury decided the officers  will not face criminal charges in connection with the Nov. 22, 2014 shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Rice was shot and killed at Cudell Recreation Center in Cleveland after a 911 caller reported a male in the area waving a gun. The officers say they believed the gun was real when they arrived on scene. They said they ordered Rice to drop the weapon before Loehmann fired.

It turns out that Rice had an airsoft pistol that police say looked like a real gun.

Protesters have taken to the streets of downtown Cleveland the last three nights to protest the grand jury's decision. Another protest has been scheduled for tonight.

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Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:06 pm

Press conference begins

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:08 pm

Mayor Frank Jackson emphasizes importance of trying to be “transparent” to the public by holding these updates

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:10 pm

Chief Calvin Williams: As a result of grand jury’s decision, the department has begun reviewing the Tamir Rice case administratively. “We are going to expedite that as much as possible.”

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:11 pm

Williams says that on Monday, about 100 to 120 demonstrators showed up, marched through streets of the city. Police assisted them in doing that. People have voiced concern with inconveniences with the protesters…but the protesters have a right. 

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:12 pm

Williams: People do occasionally get stuck in traffic…but our officers are trying very hard to move that traffic as expeditiously as possible. This is what happens in a democracy. People have a right to get out there and express themselves.

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:12 pm

Williams says Tuesday and Wednesday, the numbers of protesters on the streets went down.

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:12 pm

Williams: “But we still have to maintain protection of the public.” 

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:13 pm

Williams: We have information that things are going to continue to happen and we will be prepared for it and we will respond the way we have responded…we will protect first amendment rights, we’ll protect the public.

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:14 pm

Williams: We’re going to enforce things when we have to, we’re going to keep traffic moving…and we’re going to keep everybody safe.

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:22 pm

Mayor says the city will allow for protests and demonstration. He said there will be inconvenience to some…but the chief will use his discretion to see that people are safe and laws are enforced.

Darcie Loreno December 31, 20151:52 pm

Press conference concludes