Tornado survivor searches for ‘guardian angel’ — then learns she is one herself

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TIPPAH CO., Miss. — A woman who survived a tornado during a rash of storms in the south took to Facebook, searching for a stranger she said saved her life.

But in the process, she learned that she saved lives Wednesday night, too.

Mona Ables said in a Facebook post that she was traveling on Highway 72 in Tippah County during last night’s storms. She said she spotted a tornado headed right for her, abandoned her vehicle and ran toward the nearest house.

She said she screamed and banged on the door; she saw a man inside but he seemed startled and didn’t answer, so she huddled in a corner outside the house. That’s when a man pulled up trying to find shelter, too. They clung to each other as they were pelted with debris, and he covered her to protect her.

After the ordeal, she went to Facebook in an effort to find and thank him.

Thursday, she went back to Facebook to announce she was “pretty sure” she found her guardian angel. She also said she got a message from the man who didn’t open his door during the storm.

She said it turns out that there was a bed in front of the door that she knocked on. And if it weren’t for her, the people inside the home never would have known a tornado was headed their way.

“If it wasn’t for you, my father and my little brother and sisters could have lost their lives. He looked for you after the storm passed and even reported you to the authorities,” the message said.

Ables ended her last post with “Christmas miracles, indeed.”