Download: shopping today? How good at spotting a deal are you? There’s a quiz you can take to find out

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Photo credit: WSBT via NDN online

CLEVELAND – Are you heading out for some Black Friday bargains today? Or are you clicking away from your computer at home? Or are you perhaps just boycotting shopping altogether and spending the day recovering from your Thanksgiving feast?

We want to know!

And if you are heading out for some bargains, just how good are you at knowing if something is a deal or not? Stacey Frey and Todd Meany took a “Deal or No Deal” Black Friday quiz to find out. For instance: is a Keurig Elite single-serve brewer for &89.99 a deal…or no deal at all?

Click here to take the quiz yourself. 

Tell us how you did on the quiz and if you’ve found any real deals this year.