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Woman puts on wedding dress, honors fiancé who died month before wedding

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SEATTLE, Washington– It’s been just over a year since she lost her soul mate in a car accident; just over a year from the date that should have been their wedding day.

Lauren Reynolds’ fiancé, Tristin Woods, died on October 11, 2014- just a month before the couple was set to get married.

According to Lauren’s friend and photographer, Stephanie Jarstad, Lauren made the decision earlier this year to honor Tristin in a very special memorial photoshoot. She wore the wedding dress that she was never able to wear down the aisle.  Stephanie took the beautiful photos.

She also took a moving video in which Lauren talks about what she would like to tell Tristin.

“I would tell him that he’s still all I’ve ever wanted, and just perfect for me and that I’m so glad that I had him in my life even though it was such a short amount of time.”

Stephanie said Lauren hopes this tribute helps others to have a new outlook on life and to love wholeheartedly.

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