School trip postponed after terror attacks: ‘I will never risk my child or anybody else’s child’

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GREEN, Ohio-- Friday's terror attacks in Paris changed the world overnight and have many countries, including the U.S., on high alert.

In the tense atmosphere that now grips a large portion of the globe, the Green Local School District in Summit County decided to postpone a field trip this week to Washington, D.C.  250 students from Green Middle School were set to take the trip. It's considered a rite of passage for students, and the district said the decision to delay Wednesday's trip was not an easy one.

"And we just made the decision based on the heightened emotion that some of the parents and students honestly were going with, just to make sure that the kids had the best educational experience possible, we decided to postpone," said Julie McMahan with the Green Local School District.

While many believe that America should never yield or bow to terrorism, parents of students at Green Middle School said that philosophy does not apply in this case.  "I think it's prudent because I will never risk my child or anybody else's child for that reason, absolutely not. If it's adults, you know they can make their own decisions, but these are kids we're talking about, that we're responsible for," said Carrie Stephens, parent and PTA president.

Not all schools are following Green's lead. The superintendent of Medina City Schools said he took into account the terror threat before concluding that the educational value of the trip for 250 8th graders outweighed the potential risk.

The Green Local School District plans to reschedule the trip to Washington later in the school year.

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