Clergy calls for week of prayer to end violence in Cleveland

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OAKWOOD VILLAGE, OH - The recent terror attacks in Paris and the rash of killings of children here at home. Cleveland clergy say enough is enough.

Reverend Dr. Larry Macon, Sr., president of United Pastors in Mission says, "Violence is not only in Paris, France, but violence is also escalated to an unprecedented level even in our own city and the surrounding cities and suburbs of the Greater Cleveland community."

In a unique showing of solidarity 50 pastors from all denominations and ethnicities came together at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Oakwood Village Tuesday, calling for a week of prayer for peace during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Rev. Dr. Tony Minor said,"When we pray it says that we believe in change. We believe that God can help us and empower us to turn things around."

"Prayer is not a substitute for action, but the foundation for action," said Rev. Dr. Otis Moss.

Rev. Michael LoPresti says change should not only begin in the church but inside the home as well, where broken families often breed violence.

LoPresti adds, "Challenging our fathers, particularly, to take their leadership in their homes and lead their children.  We believe that by doing that, that has a significant impact."

These religious leaders stress the calls for peace will not end on November 29th, but will continue as long as it takes.

"We are going to be going door to door, we're gonna get out into the community. Prayer that is not shared is prayer that is un-empowering," says Rev. Minor.