October 28, 2015

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Hollywood & Dine

Do you think you can’t have barbecue without a grill or smoker? David proved you wrong today! He broke out the crock pot for a simple beef brisket recipe.

Click here for the full recipe!

Holiday Makeup

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to switch up your makeup! Natalie went inside Lusso Cosmetics for some simple tips.

Check out Lusso Cosmetics Holiday Open House on Saturday, November 7th! The event runs from noon until 4pm. You can find them on Madison Avenue in Lakewood.


Kitchen Gadgets

Do you have the right kitchen gadgets in your kitchen drawer? Catherine St. John from Western Reserve School of Cooking was here with the list of must-have products.

Check out The Western Reserve School of Cooking’s “A Very Approachable Thanksgiving” on Sunday, November 15th. It runs from 1:30p-5:00p. You’ll find them on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland.


Playhouse Scare

Tonight, Playhouse Square will transform into “Playhouse Scare” when Medium Marianne Goldweber takes the stage! She joined us live in studio this morning and even “channeled” Natalie – take a look at our video clips.

Get in the spirit of Halloween this Thursday, October 29th, at “Playhouse Scare!” It’s all happening from 5-11p.



How does a warm bubble bath sound on a rainy day like this? The experts at LUSH in Beachwood show us how to really pamper ourselves!


Apple Butter

We kept our crock pots out for another delicious recipe! Ame West from West Orchards Farm Market joined us in the kitchen with her simple way to make apple butter. As an added bonus, your house will smell delicious!

Click here for her recipe.


How to Avoid Overeating Candy

This is the weekend when the bags of candy invade homes all over Northeast Ohio! So how can we avoid overeating these sweet treats? Dr. Susan Albers, Author and Cleveland Clinic Psychologist joined us in studio with some simple tips.


Rose Guardian: Home & Personal Security

There’s nothing like being in the comfort of your own home, and that includes feeling safe. Here with home and personal security items was Charles Crespo from The Rose Guardian.