The video that will have you thinking twice before judging moms

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People may be afraid to say anything, but quietly judging a mother with a screaming or crying child is something that happens daily.

Whether it’s a crying toddler, a parent leaving work early to pick up their sick child or even a mother attempting to breastfeed in public,some people are judging.

Similac is now  weighing in with their plea to “end the mommy wars,” according to Mashable.

The video above shows how several mothers felt before they brought their own child into the world. One mom is a single mother transitioning from staying at home to going back to work; another is a mother of twins coping with being unable to breastfeed her babies.

Near the end of the video, all of the mothers meet and some confess to judging one another.

Misha Jenkins, director of marketing for Similac, says the campaign is to show tolerance and acceptance for all mothers.

“We’re so mean to ourselves. We’re so critical and question our every move,” Katherine Wintsch, founder and CEO of The Mom Complex, a Richmond, Virginia, consulting company said. “We are at war with ourselves, and we turn that war on other mothers.”