Geneva Middle School is a cool school!

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GENEVA - Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle: that is the sentiment at Geneva Middle School. Students there continue to soar to new heights. It begins in the classroom. An importance is placed on language arts and math. Those classes are 80 minutes long, which is double the standard class period. Students see the difference. "I guess you can get more lessons done and it helps you get your work done. And, if you have questions, it can help you understand better," eighth grader Lauren Wright said.

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Students also have experience based classes. It creates an accelerated "hands-on" approach to learning science and math. "I think it's a really good opportunity for all of our students, so they have a better explanation of what we're talking about. Like lately we have been doing a lot of projects to go along with our lessons, like our balloon cars were to help explain our Newton's third law. And, we also do other projects like the marshmallow launchers and we have rubber band boats and an egg drop contest,” eighth grader Kayla Lindberg said.

Some students challenge themselves to take classes that earn them high school credit. “We can in eighth grade we take algebra I and it counts as credits to start off your high school freshmen year. It's the same class, but we will be a step ahead always then if we would just start algebra I our freshmen year."

Geneva Middle School students are always looking to improve themselves. Twenty minutes of their lunch break is spent on health and wellness programs. And, these students also learn to care for others and are eager to fund raise for a community cause. "Our school believes that it is the whole individual and the whole student. And, by helping develop their empathy towards others and their caring, it truly makes us more of a family and helps them become better citizens and better people in their adult lives," teacher Pamela Justice added.

At Geneva Middle School it is said that Eagle Pride is spread community wide.