Just how nice is it outside? We had a hard time keeping our anchors on set this morning

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CLEVELAND - Sometimes it's tough to have to say inside on a gorgeous summer Sunday. Even for news anchors.

Fox8's Todd Meany and Autumn Ziemba thought it was just too nice a day to stay in the studios this morning. Of course, they were on the air at the time they decided this.

**Watch them leave AJ Colby alone, above**

That wasn't enough fresh air for the duo, however. They made another break for the great outdoors later.

Who can blame them, really? Besides, AJ, we mean.

They did come back though. And we're glad they did.

We here at Fox 8 hope you are enjoying your day....just remember to stay in touch with us via your mobile devices. And if you see Todd or Autumn, say hello.