Three men charged in case where accused killers had the wrong man

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GEAUGA COUNTY - A nine-year murder mystery in Geauga County now appears to be solved.

An initial court appearance was made Wednesday for Joseph Rosebrook, 59.

The reputed chop shop operator is accused of  concocting the murder-for-hire plot while in a prison cell, ordering a hit on Daniel Ott.

"The investigation was never closed. It was never a cold case,” said Geauga County Sheriff Dan McClelland.

Investigators said Rosebrook met the alleged gunman, Chad South, 45, while in prison.

It was in May of 2006, investigators said South was wearing a mask when he broke into Ott's Burton Township home.

Ott was bound with duct tape then shot in the chest as his girlfriend watched in horror.

Investigators recently learned the killers had the wrong man.

The intended target, Daniel Ott, 74,  is a convicted felon, accused of stealing more than 100-corvettes and selling them to various chop shops; a reputed associate of Joe Rosebrook.

Through a statement, the victim's family reacted to the arrests.

Deputy Chief Scott Hildenbrand read that statement which says, in part, "It has been a long nine years, waiting and hoping for some resolution to this horrific crime, and our patience has paid off."

Rosebrook, his brother, the alleged money man,  Carl Rosebrook, 57, and South are all now facing charges including conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, aggravated murder, kidnapping and aggravated burglary.

Carl Rosebrook and South are being held on one million and three million dollar bonds.

The accused mastermind, Joe Rosebrook, expected to be arraigned next week.

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