Exclusive: Boyfriend says woman tried to pin her daughter’s murder on him

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NORTH RIDGEVILLE - Janet Tyburski, 45, was arrested on May 5 for the murder of her daughter, Rachele Tyburski, 26.

Now, Tyburski's boyfriend and the father of her son is speaking out about Janet trying to pin the murder on him.

Tom Fialko said Janet called him after the weekend Rachel had gone missing, claiming Rachel had spent the weekend with him.

"The point of that phone call was to set me up. That was her plan, to put me in the position of having to try to say that Shelly left with me at some point that day or whatever, that's what she was going to tell the police, because she knew that the police were going to find her soon," Fialko said.

Police said Janet suffocated Rachele at Janet’s Lakewood home. She then allegedly dumped Rachele’s body in a field off of Victory Lane in North Ridgeville in the early-morning hours of March 15. The remains were found later that day.

After the discovery, police released photos of the victim’s tattoos, in hopes of identifying the woman. Police said Janet called Lakewood police once she saw the information on Fox 8 News and told authorities the deceased woman was her daughter.

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