SkyWest flight makes emergency landing in Buffalo

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(CNN) — A SkyWest Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Buffalo, New York, Wednesday after the crew reported a pressurization problem and a passenger lost consciousness, officials said.

The passenger received medical attention before being released, according to Marissa Snow, spokeswoman for SkyWest. She said the airliner expects to accommodate the 75 passengers on another aircraft to their original destination — Hartford, Connecticut — later this afternoon.

The Federal Aviation Administration, which reported the pressurization problem, said it would investigate.

SkyWest said there was no problem with the plane’s door, as was reported elsewhere.

Flight 5622 was originally scheduled to fly from Chicago to Hartford. The plane descended 28,000 feet in three minutes.

“It would feel like a roller coaster — when you’re coming over the top and you’re going down,” CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo said, describing how such a descent would feel. “You know that these pilots knew they were in a very grave and very serious situation.”