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Sailorway Middle School is a Cool School!

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VERMILION - Sailorway Middle School in Vermilion, home of the Sailors, is on course for its students to become leaders and lifelong learners. They follow an exploratory curriculum.   Supported by technology and sparked by teacher ingenuity, the goal is for the students to experience their education. “We usually do fun stuff in our specials and science and social studies.  Math is really cool. It is not going to get boring anytime soon," fourth grader Madison Cooper said.

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A Medieval social studies project has students learning ways to seize the castle. "We are using trebuchets to launch at a castle in medieval times.  We have to use the different mechanics of the trebuchets, like the counter weights and different size projectiles to launch into the castle and the weak points to invade the castle,” seventh grader Joshua Souris said.

It's one thing to read about sound waves and it is another to learn how to make headphones and speakers. “I am going to use these wires to attach them to this coiled wire and I am going to make my speaker produce sound,” seventh Grader Randy Wolfgang explained.

A history lesson has students doing more than just reading about famous people.  Some of their work is headed to a state competition. "Me and my friend did an exhibit board because we thought it would express the feeling the King of Rock and Roll better than having a person read about it," Seventh grader Amanda Lee said.

Even though every Sailorway student has a laptop, it is common to see a book in their hands. There is a reading competition at the school.  Every student and teacher is challenged to read forty books a year.

Seventh grader Rachel Miller summed up why Sailorway Middle is a “Cool School”.  "Some people think that learning is boring. But, they find ways to make it fun.  And a lot of people like to be competitive; so that's fun,” she said.