Hot ticket: Cavaliers playoff tickets won’t be easy to get

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CLEVELAND — It's not often Northeast Ohio can say playoffs and Cleveland in the same sentence, but get ready Cavs fans, the playoffs are officially here.

If you're looking to get your hands on a pair of tickets be prepared to fork over some cash, the Cavs are the hottest tickets in town.

Cleveland is officially talking playoffs, and yes, some are even talking title.

"This is the year I think we'll finally get a championship, it's been a long time coming," said Johnathan Galiardi of Chesterland.

Crews were busy Thursday outside Quicken Loans Arena putting up new signs in preparation for the Cavaliers first playoff game in 5 years.

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"Since he (LeBron James) announced that he was coming back this whole city, especially this area we're in has been like St. Patrick's Day during the season," said Dwayne Pringle of Euclid.

The Cavs will host the Boston Celtics in game one of the postseason.  At 9:00 A.M. Monday, the Cavs put playoff tickets on sale to the public, by 9:01, they were sold out.

"People want to be a part of something big here and they are willing to pay the price for it so no, I'm not surprised at all that it sold out that quickly," said Pringle.

If you want to see the Wine and Gold at the Q, in the first two games of the postseason, you better be ready to fork over some green, it's going to cost you.

"Anywhere from about $75 to $1,000 a seat," said Mark Klang, President of Amazing Tickets.

Cavs tickets are in high demand says Klang, even more than they were for the 2010 postseason.

"Pretty hot right now, definitely much hotter than the first 7 years that we had LeBron when we had first round series," said Klang.

If you didn't have any luck this time around with postseason tickets you may not have a lot of luck in the future either, unless you have a lot of cash.

"The further the Cavs advance, prices definitely go up," Klang said.