Camera found in Strongsville, family trying to identify owner

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STRONGSVILLE - A picture maybe worth a thousand words but a memory lasts a lifetime, that's why a Strongsville family is desperately trying to reunite a lost camera, filled with family photos, to the rightful owner.

The Gandolf Family of Strongsville is hoping for a very rare reunion.

"I was figuring they probably lost it right then at the Halloween Party," said Dyan Gandolf.

Last fall, The Gandolf's where walking home from Strongsville's Historical Village when they stumbled upon this black Canon Camera.

"It was just lying on the ground in the gravel,” said Dyan.

"Initially we wanted to get it back to the rightful owner, put it up on our fridge with all the candy to keep it away from the kids, we're hosting Easter, we're doing spring cleaning, there is the camera, we felt terrible," said her husband, Chris.

The Gandolf's initially tried to reunite the lost camera with its owner via a Facebook post, but they had no luck.

"I still feel so bad that this family has their pictures, they probably think they will never see them again so we want them to get their pictures back," Dyan said.

Both Chris and Dyan believe the owner of the camera lives in Strongsville or nearby.

"Most of the time at those events it's pretty local, it might be Columbia Station, Brunswick, Strongsville, it's someone very close," Chris said.

The camera is loaded with family photos including pictures of a pet, Halloween pictures and even Christmas photos from a Christmas decoration.

"I hope they get their pictures back because you have those pictures of your children when they are little and you can't replace them," said Dyan.

"It's not even the value of the camera, it's the value of its contents, we want it to its rightful owner," Chris said.