Police rescue alleged drunk driver passed out inside car on San Diego freeway

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SAN DIEGO - A local San Diego news cameraman made a shocking discovery on a local freeway Friday night.

He spotted a car stopped in the middle of the freeway, so he called 911, according to KGTV.

When the traffic broke, he went up to the car, finding a woman passed out in the driver's seat. She didn't wake up as he attempted to open her door.

When the California Highway Patrol arrived, the car began rolling slowly down the freeway. A trooper chased the car, eventually smashing the passenger window to gain entry to the vehicle so he could stop it.

25-year-old Amber Dlaine McKinney Morgan was identified as the driver and removed from the vehicle. Police arrested her on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Alcohol was found inside the vehicle.

Her bond was set at $2,500.