Ice jam breaks in Chagrin River, residents avoid major flooding

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EASTLAKE--An ice jam in the Chagrin River finally breaks, sending a surge of water and ice into a nearby neighborhood.  It happened early Saturday morning, and residents say it came fast and furious.
Many are used to ice jams and other potential issues living along the river, but there is always concern for homes along the river.
The water rose quickly around 6:00 am, and the event left behind large chunks of ice along West Island Drive.
"Everybody sort of knows it's coming with the water and the rain," said Jim Pesci.
Pesci has lived in the neighborhood for 48 years.  He tells Fox 8 ice jams are common, not really a big deal to him.
However, Greg Baird tells Fox 8 the aftermath from  the ice jam is the worst he has seen in the five years he has lived in Eastlake.
"All of a sudden it was like the river was in my front yard, it was just coming down with the big boulders and the big ice chunks,
and before I knew it, my garage was starting to fill, and before I knew it it was up to my first step of my house, and I thought we were going, it was coming big, we were in trouble," he said.  "The sound was just amazing, just like a big freight train coming down the road."
"I'll tell you what, I wouldn't give it up for nothing, a little bit of work, and a little bit of mud, overall it's an experience, and it's a place to love, we love it down here," he added.
Eastlake authorities are still monitoring the river to make sure they are on top of any potential flooding situation.  At this point there is no extraneous flooding and all roads are passable.
Earlier today there were also issues at the Cuyahoga River at Independence, which firefighters are continuing to monitor.