Angry man accused of taking aim with a snow blower at a helpful neighbor

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EASTLAKE, Ohio - Let's face it, everyone is probably getting a bit tired of the snow and the hassles that come with it. But one man in Eastlake is now facing misdemeanor assault charges because of what he's accused of doing to a neighbor who tried to clear the sidewalks.

According to Eastlake police, a resident of East Overlook Road was helping a neighbor by shoveling snow off of that neighbor's sidewalk on Sunday.

"I got towards the end where it meets up with his driveway and there's a big huge wall of snow, so I figured I'd break that wall for her 'cause obviously he wasn't doing it and so people could walk on the sidewalk," the shoveler, William Immke, told FOX 8's Kevin Freeman.

The 24-year-old was approached by another neighbor, Larry Myers, 69, who was not happy about the fact that the man was using a snow shovel to clear the snow.

When Immke said that he was simply trying to remove the snow so people could walk on the sidewalk, Myers demanded that he stop, and said that people could use the street, and that the sidewalk was his property.  Immke told police that Myers shoved him in the face and the neck.

Myers tells a different story. "I says, 'hey man, don't shovel my sidewalk. I don't want that section of sidewalk to shovel, to be shoveled.' He says, 'well what are you gonna do about it?'" said Myers. "I almost punched him, but I didn't, ok. He kept telling me, 'what are you gonna do?' and I still had him; I grabbed him like this. I didn't touch him on his face or anything else; I did grab his coat," he continued.

Myers then reportedly got out his snow blower and started aiming the blowing snow in Immke's face.

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