Cedar Point saying goodbye to 40-year-old Good Time Theatre

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SANDUSKY, Ohio — The curtain will be closing on one of Cedar Point’s long-time fixtures this winter: the Good Time Theatre.

According to OnPoint, Cedar Point’s blog, the theater will be removed from the park this winter.

“We can’t tell you all the details, but we’ll need that space for future expansion,” according to the blog.

The blog states the theater opened in 1975 as the Cedar Point Cinema. It originally featured IMZX movies before being converted into the Good Time Theatre in 2002 with the debut of “Snoopy Rocks! On Ice.” Those ice-skating shows will now come to a close as well.

Several other big changes have been announced at the park over the past year.

The 18-year-old Mantis, for example, was closed to be reconfigured into a new coaster opening next year. The new Pipe Scream ride also debuted, and it was also announced that the park is adding several new cabins to its Lighthouse Point resort.

As far as what will happen with the Good Time Theatre, the blog states: We’ll be offering more entertainment in the park. You’ll learn more about those plans as we go along!”

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