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‘I’m surprised he wasn’t killed’: Police warn of dangerous stunt after teen injured

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NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio- A teenager’s hospitalized and could face criminal charges after police say he and some 16 and 17-year-old friends attempted a stunt with a car.

“I’m surprised he wasn’t killed,” said Sgt. Michael Pierce with the New Philadelphia Police Dept.

The near-tragedy happened after 5 p.m. Sunday as the teenagers were “goofing around” with the vehicle and attempting to “surf” the car on Ackey Street.

Although, instead of standing on it, Sgt. Pierce said a 17-year-old teenager from Dover was lying flat on the car’s hood.

The teen reportedly fell off once and then tried the stunt a second time.

Sgt. Pierce said that’s when he slid underneath the vehicle, became pinned and was dragged approximately 100 feet.

Multiple New Philadelphia Fire and rescue squads responded and the teen was taken to Akron General with multiple serious injuries.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is assisting in the investigation.

But investigators are not calling the incident an accident because the juveniles’ actions that day were illegal.

“This is criminal,” said Sgt. Pierce, “and possible charges could come out of it.”

Possible charges that could be filed once the case is turned over to prosecutors include “riding on the outside of a vehicle” and “vehicular assault.”

Sgt. Pierce said this is the second time since summer a teen has fallen off of a moving vehicle, but the teenager in the last case wasn’t seriously hurt.

Police hope this incident will serve as a warning to other young people to take the responsibility of driving or riding inside of a vehicle more seriously.

And he said never ride outside of a moving vehicle.

According to police, the injured teenager from Sunday's incident remains in stable condition at Akron General.