She’s one lucky lady! Local woman wins lottery twice in just months

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio-- If you’re looking to win the lottery, then you might want Mary Riedel of Brunswick to buy your ticket.

She’s had a pretty lucky year winning $150,000 in scratch-offs.

The latest happened the other week. She said it was completely unexpected.

"I didn't know how to play it, so I scratched the bottom of the barcode off and stuck it under the machine and a $100,000 came up on the machine,” she recalls.

She bought the ticket from the Cenco gas station in Brunswick.

She said the attendant told her she had $5 left after paying and asked her if she wanted the change or a scratch-off; Mary went for the scratch-off.

“I said, 'I'll take a ticket; you pick it.' So she picked out this ticket: Hot 100,000,” said Riedel.

It was clearly a wise choice.

Rachael Cherconis was there when Mary won and said everyone was ecstatic.

“We scanned it and the machine went crazy and we're screaming and we're like, 'she just won $100,000!' She was shaking and I don't think she could believe it herself,” said Cherconis.

Mary’s had luck with the lottery before. She won $7,800 on Cash Explosion two years ago and just four months ago, she won $50,000 on another scratch-off.

“I had just gone to a funeral and the lady that had passed away had loved to gamble so I walked into Marc's and was like okay this is for you; let's go buy a ticket. I’m saying all this in my head and I'm scratching the ticket off and I'm like I couldn`t believe my eyes when I saw it,” said Riedel.

She said she doesn’t really have any big plans for the money. She said she has everything she needs.

As to whether she’ll continue playing the lottery, she said absolutely.

“I'm going to keep playing. The lottery has been a blessing,” she said.