Does ‘world’s scariest selfie’ hold a deeper meaning?

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HONG KONG — A stunt pulled off in Hong Kong has produced what is being called the world’s scariest selfie.

Video shows three people on top of the city’s fifth tallest building, 73 stories in the air.

Two of them sit while a third stands and holds out the video camera, creating a dizzying effect.

According to CNN’s Jeanne Moos, there’s no explanation for how the group got to their perch.

What’s also puzzling is why they’re eating bananas.

Some think it’s an anti-racism message.

This past spring, Spanish soccer fans threw bananas at Brazilian players they perceived as black. When it happened again during a Spanish league match, defender Dani Alves picked up the banana and took a bite.

The #WeAreAllMonkeys campaign was born, featuring players and fans tweeting pictures of themselves eating bananas to spread an anti-racism message.

The video above has more on the scariest selfie.