Flooding hits Shaker Heights residents hard after storms

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SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- "Mom, the basement's flooded" is not something Marcie Carrier wanted to hear from her daughter, Gracie, Sunday night.

Her basement was soaked from the storms and accumulated several inches of water. It was a mess.

"Everything's ruined, everything's ruined," Carrier said.

Storms and heavy rain swept across Northeast Ohio Sunday. Several tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were issued, as were flash flood warnings and watches.

The Carriers lost furniture, even some family antiques.

It's a loss that several of her neighbors can relate to on Lomond Boulevard, just south of Chagrin Boulevard.

"It's awful. I couldn't believe it, we have been here 15 years, and it has never ever happened, it's our whole block," Carrier said.

The flooding was present in several Shaker neighborhoods.

The area of Strandhill and Sherrington was closed to traffic because there was so much standing water.

"Normally, it doesn't get this bad, I mean we get water, but not like it is right now," said Jim Redford.

Redford tells Fox 8 Sunday's storm reminds him of flooding he experienced in 1970.

Others are frustrated because the experience means a lot of clean up.

"We have nothing we can do about the water that backs up from the street, there's so much coming down, there's nothing we can do," said Vito Federici. "It's just inconvenient and you think you've got your house protected but then mother nature tells you, watch out, here she comes."

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