Search for answers continues after man disappeared from concert

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CLEVELAND -- The FBI has been called in to help search for a man who  disappeared after a concert downtown Friday night.

Cleveland police officers spent the day Monday searching for 22-year-old Cory Barron.

The man from Fremont, Ohio was last seen around 9:30 Friday night at a Jason Aldean concert held at Progressive Field.

"During the concert, he left his assigned seat area and went to visit some other people. When he left his second group of friends, we have not been able to determine his whereabouts after that," said Third District Police Commander Patrick Stephens.

Police officers spent the day on Monday searching the industrial area of The Flats southwest of Progressive Field, searching empty lots, hillsides, even using a fire department boat to canvass the shores of the Cuyahoga River.

"If our victim had left to the north or east of the venue, he would've been seen by police, security, passerbys, innkeepers, bartenders, waitresses. There's so much humanity downtown at that time, that he would've been seen somewhere," said Stephens.

Relatives and friends put up fliers around downtown as they try to comprehend his mysterious disappearance. They told investigators that this is out of character for Cory; he's never disappeared like this before.

"If you think you saw this gentleman; if you think you know something, give us a call. We will flesh out the lead. If we don't have leads, it limits what we can do," the commander said.

Police said they are checking Cory's cell phone records, credit cards and social media accounts.

They have done three searches inside Progressive Field. They've also looked at surveillance footage, but said with 40,000 people attending the concert, it's nearly impossible to pick him out.

"The man-hours that would be involved in looking at every minute of footage from that concert would be insurmountable. It's a better investment of our time to follow investigative leads and doing the search," he said.

Right now, relatives, friends and police don't know what to think.

"We don't want to follow a hunch too far because it'll close your mind to other options," said Stephens.

According to fliers and online postings, Cory’s family is offering a reward for his safe return.

Police said they will scale back their search on Tuesday, but will continue to follow leads.

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