Police enhance search for man missing after concert

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CLEVELAND – After the search for a missing country fan slowed overnight, authorities enhanced their efforts again Monday.

The Cleveland Division of Police said they were doing a grid search to the south and west of Progressive Field in the industrial areas off of Commercial Road and Broadway.

cory barronThe ballpark is where Cory Barron was last seen around 9:30 p.m. Friday.

The 22-year-old from Fremont, Ohio, was in Cleveland for the Jason Aldean show.

According to Commander Patrick Stephens, Barron was last seen near Gate A.

He said Barron went to the show with family and friends, and at one point left his section to visit with people in another section. No one heard from him after that.

He was reported missing early Saturday morning.

A helicopter had been used in the initial search and was back in the air again Monday.    Watercraft were also being used periodically as well.

“In my 35 years of experience, it’s not typical that a healthy young man who has never disappeared or shown erratic behavior would be missing for this time frame,” said Stephens.

He said they checked surveillance video at the ballpark and didn’t notice anything suspicious.

The video did not show Barron leaving the venue, but with some 40,000 people in attendance he could have been missed.

Surveillance videos continued to be reviewed and Progressive Field was searched "at least three times," police said.

Barron did not have any family or friends in the Cleveland area that investigators knew of.  All of Barron's known friends in other areas had already been contacted and claimed to have no knowledge of his whereabouts.

Police were looking through his social media accounts and checking his cell phone records for any clues.

Police were also asking for the public’s help. They want anyone who may have seen Barron at the show to contact them, especially those in Section 468.

Barron had on blue jeans, a Budweiser t-shirt, and a bandana. He’s 6’2” and weighs 225 pounds.

Cleveland police can be reached at 216-621-1234.

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