Suspect in armed robbery of bus driver arrested

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CLEVELAND — An arrest was made Tuesday in the armed robbery of a bus driver and authorities are thanking an unnamed TV viewer for providing the tip that led them to the suspect.

An RTA spokesperson said charges of aggravated robbery, kidnapping and disruption of public service are being sought against Darryl Griffin, 39.

Griffin is accused of the hold-up that happened just before 4 a.m. on Thursday, June 26, when a veteran driver stopped at East 82nd and St. Clair.

Surveillance video shows the man authorities say is Griffin pulling out a gun and putting it to the driver’s head.  Passengers looked on in stunned silence as the man threatened to kill the driver and demanded her purse.

The 57-year-old driver can be heard on the video telling the robber that she has to stop the bus so that she can comply with his demands.

After handing over her valuables, the driver pleads with the man not to shoot her. At one point, he accuses her of hitting a panic alarm, and puts the gun back to her head. The driver is heard crying and begging for her life.

Fortunately, she was unharmed and eventually dropped off the man at East 60th and St. Clair.

Transit Union officials say the driver was so traumatized by what happened that she took a leave of absence.

At the time of this report, Griffin was being held in the Cleveland jail.

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