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Thieves steal food, sentimental item from local church

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CLEVELAND -- A church on Cleveland's west side that helps feed the community was burglarized.

They got away with up to $7,000 worth of electronics and food.

"Somewhat saddened, frustrated, but at the same time nobody was hurt. The materials-- things-- can be replaced as long as nobody was hurt; you recover,” said Father Rob Reidy.

Father Reidy of La Sagrada Familia Church on Detroit Avenue in Cleveland is still puzzled why someone would steal from his church.

Last week, thieves broke in and stole sound equipment, food and two poor boxes.

A chalice belonging to Father Reidy was also taken.

"The only spiritual thing that was taken was a chalice that I received when I was ordained and it was given to me by my family. It was the only one they took and it has great sentimental value to me because my parents are both deceased and it was a gift from them,” said Father Reidy.

Food from inside the church's food pantry was also taken; it's food that would have gone to help the less fortunate in the community.

"We have a community meal here once a month where anybody is welcome to come in. We help people as we can. I just feel bad. They showed that lack of respect for our people, our community and God also,” said Father Reidy.

People that attend the church can't believe someone could steal from a church that does so much for the less fortunate.

"I mean this is terrible. It's awful people from the community can do such a thing like that, you trust the people that come to the church and now what else are you going to do? I mean that was an awful thing to do,” said Manuela Pena from Wooster.

Cleveland police are investigating the robbery and if you have any information you are urged to give them a call.