Not as advertised: Authorities say ‘massage parlor’ was prostitution in Rocky River

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- Two people are now charged after a prostitution bust in a luxury apartment complex.

The quiet apartment complex, tucked in the heart of suburban Rocky River turned out to be housing some very unwholesome activity, according to police.

Investigators told FOX 8 that fellow residents of the Presidential Luxury Apartments off Wooster Road called police back in May, when they noticed a lot of people coming and going from the back door of a first-floor apartment.

Investigators said what was being advertised online as an underground massage parlor, was actually prostitution.

The bust led to the arrests of several people, including John Gregg, 53, and Julia Vorobej, 27.

Both have been charged with procuring and building violations.

"That activity is out of place (here)," said Sgt. George Lichman with Rocky River police. "Their logic or reasoning for choosing the building they chose, I don't understand it. And it didn't work out so well for them."

News of the bust raised more than a few eyebrows Tuesday evening.

"That just kind of catches you off guard," said Rocky River patron Chuck Greene. "I would have never guessed it. Not in this city."

"I guess you would assume that it would be more of an inner city thing, or not even in Ohio, but I guess it's everywhere," said Mallory SanMarco, who works in Rocky River.

Sgt. Lichman said it's been more than ten years since his department has seen anything close to a crime of this nature.

Both Gregg and Voroboj are scheduled to appear in court within the next week.