EF1 tornado confirmed in Brunswick; 45 homes and businesses affected

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio -- The National Weather Service confirmed it was an EF1 tornado that touched down in Brunswick between 6:55 and 7 p.m. Monday night.

Its survey team returned to Brunswick on Tuesday to complete its investigation into the twister as residents continue to clean up.

"I was driving and I looked up, and to use a cliche, it looked like the Wizard of Oz!" said Carey Coleman of Brunswick.

The National Weather Service said on Tuesday that the tornado affected 45 homes and businesses; two homes had major damage near Oak Tree Dr. and Royal Oak Dr.

The storm traveled for almost two miles.

Neighbors said in just two minutes, it was over.

"I saw little pieces of this house and sheet metal coming down on my car," added Coleman.

Tuesday afternoon, people are left to survey to damage.

One home is without a roof.

"I looked out the back window and saw my neighbor's roof just started unraveling and this tree snapped so we ran into the basement," said Rock Passalacqua of Brunswick.

The home next door's garage is without a wall.

"The garage is wrecked. I was more worried about the roof being torn off because we have three animals," said Mark Sidel, who lives next door.

Estimated winds were 110 mph.

Surveillance video taken on Royal Oak Drive captured the tornadic conditions.

Watch the upper left corner of the clip below as a serene pool scene gets interrupted by the storm.

The video comes from Christopher Koenig of Royal Oak Drive.

His house wasn't damaged, but a home about four houses away had its roof blown off.

A trampoline from down the road landed in a yard, along with other damage, on Andrea Drive.

Police said no one was injured; they went house to house to make sure everyone was okay.

A shelter was set up at the Brunswick Recreation Center at 3637 Center Road in Brunswick for those who needed a place to stay.

Brunswick police asked residents not to call the police department unless you need emergency assistance.

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